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"Great quality items at great prices. Modern styles too. Badass Sterling silver rings that last forever for $70, gold plated stuff too. Got myself a ring and bracelet and the gf picked up an awesome necklace for a great price. Great service too, guy at the register was very helpful" -Frank

"Great selection of jewelry, particularly rings and necklaces. What makes it really great is the affordable prices. I left with several pieces and I love them all. The man working there was very helpful. I would highly recommend this spot for unique designs and affordable casual jewelry." -Zico

"Huge selection of petite minimalist pendent necklaces that are so popular now. The style Joanna Gaines wears on the Fixer Upper show. Priced to afford several for yourself and gifts for others. They also have simple petite earrings. This boutique was so refreshing to visit. I love my necklaces. I don't want to take my necklace off." -Donna

"Lovely hidden jem. Affordable antique aesthetic" -Libby

"Great selection of earrings and a really nice owner." -Greg

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